Dinner Set Sandy Beach Glaze


Shipping: 2-4 months

Dinner Sets are made to order to your specifications. If you are interested in commissioning a full dinner set, add one to your cart and buy it, it's free, then I will get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

This set is a combination of a glossy turquoise glaze and a sandy matte glaze over lapping in the middle. 

If you have specific ideas about the glaze design or product sizes just let me know, I love to hear your ideas.

Dinner set options are:
12 Piece (4 large plates, 4 Side Plates, 4 Breakfast Bowls)
16 Piece (4 large plates, 4 Side Plates, 4 Ramen Bowls, 4 Breakfast Bowls)
18 Piece (6 large plates, 6 Side Plates, 6 Breakfast Bowls)
24 Piece (6 large plates, 6 Side Plates, 6 Ramen Bowls, 6 Breakfast Bowls)

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